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Plant Health Care Division

The objective of Plant Health Care (PHC) is to attain and then maintain the landscapes overall health and appearance. We utilize the most up to date and effective practices and treatments on all of our customers' properties. We want your trees to thrive at their full landscape potential! Call today and have a Illinois Certified Arborist come out and design a PHC program custom fit to your property.

Tree Pruning

Proper, regularly scheduled pruning is vital to a tree's health and appearance.

Tree Removal/Crane Service

Unfortunately, trees sometimes need to be removed. We offer modern, safe ways of removing large dangerous trees from the landscape.



It should be a top priority to water your trees during hot and dry periods.  To properly water trees, water should be applied slowly over a long period of time that will moisten the soil to depth of 12".  Please take into consideration that the tree roots that absorb water are further away from the trunk.  It is best to water in the early morning during the summer months. 

It is also highly recommended to water your newly planted trees throughout the fall and winter thawing periods!!!!



Fall is an ideal time to have Sunrise prune your trees and shrubs. The spread of certain disease pathogens and insect infestations becomes far less likely as the weather cools.  The pruning of deadwood and the addition of artificial support if necessary will help protect your trees and provide safety from harsh winter weather and storms.

Fall is a great time for the installation of new trees and shrubs.  High quality mulch will help moderate the extremes and add beneficial organic matter.



Soil injections and nutrient deficiency applications are a key component of proper fall tree management.  Urban soils tend to lack the essential nutrients and conditions needed for promoting optimum tree health. These applications are custom fit for the individual tree/shrub needs.






Customer Testimonials

Hi Carey:

I also want to tell you that we were quite impressed with the staff that arrived at our home to remove the tree. One crane plus 2 trucks and 5 or 6 workers worked diligently to remove the tree and all debris. They were so respectful of our home and lawn - there's virtually no evidence of the tree - except for a few pine cones and remnant pine needles, ha ha!

Thanks again!

- Lisa & Pat McDade

" Your tech's are always very polite and inform us as to what they are doing"

- Daniel Trinkaus, Glenview, IL 60025

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About Us

We are a full service tree company celebrating our 52nd year! 

Don't hesitate to call us for any of your tree care needs!

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